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I will make you look good!

From logos to marketing and complete brand development... I'll work with you to keep your image current.  Most people have an idea of what they want their look to be- I'll help you pull it together and make your brand cohesive.  Here's a few of my current projects.

no limits.jpg

City Hall, Fayetteville, GA

23x16' digital mural, printed on wallpaper

Launch and Go logo_vertical.jpg
Launch pop up banner web.jpg
  • logo design

  • pop up banner

  • grand opening invite and rate card

Launch and Go invite email.jpg
Launch and Go rate email.jpg
Two Sparrow logo vert.png
  • logo design

  • 5x7 informational trifold

  • business cards, notecards and envelopes

  • Garage Party fundraising event graphics including logo, invite, web graphics, backdrop banner and program

Two Sparrows trifold 5x7 left flap outsi
Two Sparrows trifold 5x7 left flap insid
Two Sparrows-Garage Party2018_SEND_Page_
Two Sparrows-Garage Party2018_SEND_Page_
The Eden Project-logo outlined.jpg
Eden project folded rack card_Page_2.jpg
Eden project folded rack card_Page_1.jpg
  • logo design

  • 4x6  informational vertcally folded rack card

  • fundraising mailing packet

  • business cards

  • pop up banner

  • book cover

  • t-shirts

Eden letter with donor card.jpg
Eden letter with donor card_Page_1.jpg
Abbey Logo icon larger.jpg
Abbey Textile Brochure color 322_Page_4.
Abbey Textile Brochure color 322_Page_1.
  • logo design

  • pop up banner

  • business cards

  • supply catalog

  • website

  • tablecloth and giveaway bags

Abbey Textile Brochure color 322_Page_2.
Abbey Textile Brochure color 322_Page_3.
2017-05-02 13.48.20.jpg
  • logo design

  • letterhead and envelopes

  • business cards

  • folder

  • Marketing Information Foldover

Meridian Marketing foldover feb 6.jpg
Meridian Marketing foldover feb 64.jpg
Meridian Marketing foldover feb 63.jpg
Meridian Marketing foldover feb 62.jpg
  • Campaign logo design

  • letterhead and envelopes

  • push cards- small 2-sided

  • magazine ad

  • donation cards and letter

  • t-shirts, campaign signs and bags

CS FOR JUDGE letterhead header.jpg
CS push card -1.jpg
C Sanderson Push Card-2.jpg
cs for judge donation card.jpg

Here's a pop up banner (with an awesome model) designed for a local non-profit, a sample of my artistic process, and one of my favorite pictures of my family DIVIDED on font.

2017-05-11 11.36.31.jpg
2017-05-11 18.57.43.jpg
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