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Bio: (as written by a super-talented friend!)

Courtney Eidson loves large paintings, interesting rugs and colors that create a space that is inviting and enthralling. Her paintings, unique custom wallpapers, and magnificent murals have adorned farmhouses, skyscrapers, government buildings and businesses from Alabama to London, England. Whether she's painting a picture, designing a space or creating ambience with light and texture, Courtney approaches each project with an innovative eye and a keen sense of detail.


Courtney has varied experience in multiple mediums including video production, print design, event planning, commissions, overseeing home renovations, and redesigning living and business spaces.  These experiences have provided her with a unique vision and a penchant for problem solving.  A self-proclaimed color and light nerd, she has an amazing ability to enweave her designs with multiple inspirations to produce stunning results.


In her free time, you can find Courtney kicking around the country with her husband, Greg, digging through antique and thrift stores for lost treasures and discovering new restaurants, some of which are actually good. Her 2 dogs Mildred and Doris keep her laughing. She has a 19 year old son, Sam, who attends Mercer, and Ben, a heavenly son, who's always in her mind.


She recently learned from a meme that her rock star name is Cerulean Salad, but her party name and favorite trim color will always be "Gloss White".


Why do I do all this stuff? 

Because I love color, love to experiment with movement of medium and composition, and mostly love the God given beauty of the world we live in.  

How long have you been painting? 

I took a ceramics and then a painting class in college as late electives, and did so well that I continued on to study abroad and major in art along with biology.  I can't even draw a good stick figure, really.

Did you paint as a small child? 

No, in fact my parent's wall in their house were and still are wooden, so nothing around me was painted.   Since my parents told me I couldn't back then, now I paint everything.  It's all about rebellion ;)


If I have to drive it, I get to pick the color.


1989 - 1993

Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL


University of Georgia, Cortona Studies Abroad



Houghton Library Purchase Prize

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